Established in June 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, ESCAP3 Gallery was founded as a solution to assist artists of Africa and its Diaspora.

ESCAP3 Gallery showcases both emerging and established contemporary artists of Africa its Diaspora, who are often still experimenting with different mediums and interests but who all reflect on identity and their relationship with their environment whilst navigating young democracies in a Post-Colonial and Post-Slavery landscape.

We believe that artists should continue to intensely and freely investigate their various creative research and practice, whilst the gallery administers and represents their brand with the integrity and respect it deserves. ESCAP3 Gallery serves as agent to the artists.

ESCAP3 Gallery is a proud Member of the Visual Arts Network of South Africa (VANSA), an Affiliate of the South African National Association for the Visual Arts (SANAVA) as well as an Associate Member of the Association for Visual Arts (AVA).


ESCAP3 Gallery Consulting Curator

Dr Moshumee T. Dewoo is an acclaimed interdisciplinary scholar dedicated to unravelling the complexities of political emancipation within post-colonial African societies. Her intellectual pursuits span a diverse range of disciplines, encompassing politics, sociology, anthropology, literature, psychology, history, art, and culture, among others. With a remarkable academic journey marked by transformative research, Dewoo stands out as a distinctive voice in African academia.

Her talents extend seamlessly to the realm of poetry, where she masterfully crafts verses resonating with the nuances of African modernity, memory, identity, and human sentiment. This poetic dimension adds a unique and profound layer to her scholarly and artistic contributions.

Dewoo's extensive interdisciplinary background, enriched by her artistic sensibilities and cultural insight, uniquely positions her to celebrate the diverse narratives of contemporary African art.