Eric Frank

Born 1954 in Bloemfontein, South Africa

Currently lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa

My career in advertising exposed me to more than most people experience in a lifetime.  I travelled extensively and have fed on the wonders of our continent and some of the planet – cultures, beliefs, tension, peace, joy, sadness and evil. My work is rooted in controversy, anger, obsession, folklore, mythology, legends, greed and war.

I document titbits of what is in my head in a personal visual language and leave a trail of crumbs for the viewer to follow uncover and ponder upon.

A friend commented that the overriding theme in my art, puts me in the German school of “Neue Sachlichkeit,” the style that came about, during the lean years following the Great War. While I appreciate the sentiment and what it stands for, being put in a box, and labelled, is not part of my plan. 

The viewer who looks at my art, with the intention to see, rather than merely look, – is likely to come away satisfied and more aware.

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1954 -
Nationality: South African
Residence: Cape Town, South Africa