Hamza Ben Rachad

Born 1993 in Féz, Morocco

Lives and works in Marrakech, Morocco

Hamza Ben Rachad is a self-taught photographic artist from Féz, he lives and works in Marrakech. He is particularly interested in the ecological issue and the Impact of human consumption habits on the transformation of life on Earth. His sensitivity to the use of industrial products and their impact on the environment are the hallmarks of his approach to plastic photography, which expresses the ambivalent and polysemic nature of the climate change issue. The Artist is deeply convinced that change and awareness of the ecological issue can only be achieved through mature reflection and deep meditation on the meaning of being a human being today and his responsibilities to the whole process of alienating life on this planet called Earth.

Hamza's work has been presented at the inauguration of the first national museum of photography in (Morocco), at 'La Maison Africaine de la Photographie', Phot' Art (Mali), at the OFF of the African biennial of photography in Bamako, the festivals of the photographic nights of Pierrevert (France) and Essaouira (Morocco). And he was part of the collective exhibition 'YMA (Young Moroccan Artists)' Curated By Madiha Sebbani at the KFW DEG in Cologne, Germany. And with his series 'Unwanted Skin' he achieved the first prize in the Maghreb Photography Awards 2019 in the category 'The Maghreb photographer of the year'.

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1993 -
Nationality: Moroccan
Residence: Féz, Morocco