Group Exhibition: 'Seep / Seep'

May 08, 2023 - June 30, 2023

ESCAP3 Gallery is delighted to present our the Group Exhibition: 'Seep / Seep', 08 May - 30 June 2023. 

Participating Artists Include: Bernard Brand, Danelle Heenop, Octavia Roodt & Colijn Strydom (South Africa)

Featuring new work by Danelle Heenop & Colijn Strydom prepared exclusively for this Group Exhibition.

This exhibition further reflects on rituals of manifestation although here we present a collection of works themed after the Afrikaans homograph: Seep. A playful contemplation on the qualities of both that of soap and seep, the artworks displayed comment on acts of self-knowledge as well as shocking recent studies which has found 'Microplastics' in the human digestive system. 

Intrigued by an object which acts as a conduit between the Private and the Public spheres, the object becomes a transformative 'medium'. A relatively affordable and universally accessible medium, it is used here to highlight the effects as well as the affect of consequence in a post pandemic society in the midst of climate crisis’, if not war.  The isolation of Lockdown has exasperated introspection, facilitating self-knowledge, reflection on our consumerism and the dangers of not embracing change or taking immediate action to prevent catastrophe.

What is also of interest here is the juxtaposition between deeply personal practices and a material perceived as mundane, associated with the laborious duties of the ordinary or the overlooked. During our daily rituals of preparation, be it by cleansing, dressing or consumption, we affirm our physicality, creating traces of both the subject and the object, as evidence of the unseen.