Hamza Ben Rachad 'Unwanted Skin' Curated By Madiha Sebbani at FUHRWERKSWAAGE Mountain View Gallery

Published 10 May 2021 in News


Ben Rachad 'Unwanted Skin'

Curated By Madiha Sebbani

FUHRWERKSWAAGE Mountain View Gallery

Bergstrasse 79, D-50999  Cologne, Sürth

2 - 31 May, 2021

In his series 'Unwanted Skin', the young photographer Hamza Ben Rachad addresses the excessive use of plastic in his home country Morocco. His portraits here are visibly influenced by an unrestrained consumption and many residual products. These materials take on the character of a 'second skin' in Ben Rachad's works which uses irony and exaggeration as stylistic devices and convey a clear message - put a stop to it all. Only the goldfish remains in its - cramped - element...

Curated by Moroccan artist and curator, Madiha Sebbani, in collaboration with FUHRWERKSWAAGE curatorial assistant Nazgol Majlessi.

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Image Credit: © Bozica Babic