Hicham Matini Interviewed by Harun Momanyi for Msafiri Magazine

Published 08 February 2021 in Interviews

Msafiri Magazine

'Art in the Community'

By Harun Momanyi

Msafiri Magazine

February - March 2021

Issue 165, Excerpt - Page 36 

10 contemporary African artists showcase their stunning work

From 6000-year old cave art in Somalia to Modern day street murals in towns in cities, art has played a fundamental role in our communities for millennia. It has been used to express everything from natural beauty and cultural beliefs to societal norms and activism. To celebrate the huge impact that art has made in African communities over generations and civilisations, we spoke to some of the continent's most celebrated contemporary artists. They not only revealed the inspiration behind their work, and what they stand for, but also what 'community' means to them.

Hicham Matini

Morocco l @hicham_matini

Driven by an inner call to refine his creative talent, Matini chose to enroll with the School of Fine Arts of Tetouan in Morocco. His community has played a major role in his success as an artist, actively encouraging him to pursue art and providing a constant source of inspiration.

“My cultural environment is rich in verbal and non-verbal symbols – it allows an incredible creative richness. You just need the ability to dig deep into the local culture to find interesting keys to reading. Art is what allows the community to have a common point of encounter and discussion around current issues. The artist creates a crossroads around his work which is, in a way, the collective and unconscious expression of the community. If art is the mirror, the community is the reflection of it.”

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Image Credit: Hicham Matini l 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised' l Image Courtesy of The Artist