Hmoud Al Attawi Featured in the Misk Art Grant 2020 Exhibition: 'Mukooth'

Published 01 February 2021 in News

Misk Art Institute


Misk Art Grant 2020 Exhibition

Prince Faisal Bin Fahad Art Hall, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

3 December 2020 - 28 February 2021

Participating Artists: Muhannad Shono, Alaa AlGhufaili, Saad AlHowede, Ayman Zedani & Hmoud AlAttawi.

When the pandemic hit the world, it forced us to take a breath and reflect on the fast-paced life we live in. The new norm has a unique impact on each one of us, especially artists. Artists are trying to maintain a creative mindset even if they have no access to their studios and tools. While artists Dwell, they have the chance to self-reflect, generate, and gather ideas, experiment, innovate, and create.

Convinced of the fundamental role artists play in capturing extraordinary events in a distinct and valuable creative artwork, Misk Art Institute takes the concept of Dwell as the theme of the first Art Grant for 2020. The participants can unleash their imagination unrestricted on tools and subjects to present a creative artistic statement that tells the story of this stage of our lives. These artworks will be available to be displayed on various platforms, both locally and internationally by the Institute.

For more information and to view the exhibition please navigate to the Misk Art Institute website here