Ilené Bothma Participates in 'Suture' Group Exhibition at Alliance Française du Cap

Published 27 May 2024 in News

Suture: A Celebration

Alliance Française du Cap

155 Loop Street, Cape Town, South Africa

06 June - 02 July 2024

Vernissage: Thursday 06 June at 18:00 (SAST)

Welcome to Suture: an extraordinary group exhibition that uses multidisciplinary art to drive home a bold message of awareness, empowerment, resilience, and hope.

Inspired by and dedicated to breast cancer survivors, the exhibition treads the lines between trauma and triumph, giving an unprecedentedly vulnerable look behind the veil of the harsh journey that encompasses breast cancer, from diagnosis, through treatment and ongoing into survivorship.

From June 6th to July 2nd, the gallery space at Alliance Française du Cap transforms into a sanctuary of compassionate sharing and a call to action for all.

Through the provocative works of participating artists Christiaan Beyers, Deeva Merwe, Ilené Bothma, and Karina Narian, Suture offers a multifaceted exploration of the breast cancer and survivorship journey.

Each artist brings a unique perspective, weaving together contrasting narratives of struggle and surrender, disfigurement and transformation.

Karina Narian's work captures the challenges, the complex emotions, and the lessons of surviving cancer. Having lost her mother to breast cancer, and as a survivor herself, she aims to heal, connect, inspire resilience, and support those battling the disease. Karina’s photographs of breast cancer and mastectomy survivors offer an honest, empathetic and true portrait of the parts of survival that we don’t often look at.

Ilené Bothma’s portrait of a survivor, and visceral ceramic works depict broad themes of femininity, decay, and reconstruction, showcasing the beauty in scars and urging the viewer to reflect on themes of great loss and grief, and hopefully, in time, the inevitable acceptance of a new normal.