OPEN CALL: Collaboration Opportunity - Mental Health Benefit Exhibition

Published 10 October 2022 in News


OPEN CALL: Collaboration Opportunity - Mental Health Benefit Exhibition

ESCAP3 Gallery Invites Proposals from Mental Health - Organisations, Institutes, Practioners or Educational Centres who utilise art therapy in the treatment of their patients. We aim to host a curated Virtual Exhibition, 05 December 2022 – 03 February 2023, in Benefit of the Successful Applicant/s.


As an avid admirer and supporter of Outsider Art, ESCAP3 Gallery is particularly interested in receiving submissions created by exceptionally 'gifted' individuals who use visual art as a means of expression and communication with the world. As a barometer of our collective consciousness, the exhibition would reflect the often unseen or overlooked contribution made by individuals from the fringes of society.

Our practice is informed by research done into the quality which is referred to as 'Entelechy'. This is an inherent driving force which compels individuals to create or make anew, but most importantly for us in this context, these individuals pursue their expression regardless of Art History or commercial gain. In their book 'Eccentrics: A Study of Sanity & Strangeness', 1995, David Weeks and Jamie James explains that this motivation and need for self-determination is a defining characteristic for 'giftedness'.


Please submit a brief text motivation of between 150 – 350 words maximum for each Applicant, including high resolution images of the artwork, to [email protected] using WeTransfer. For more information please do not hesitate to email the gallery. Successful Applicants will be contacted by the end of November 2022.  

Submission Deadline: Wednesday 16 October 2022