'Sacred' Curator Madiha Sebbani Interviewed for the BBC World Service - 'Focus on Africa'

Published 28 December 2020 in Interviews

BBC World Service - 'Focus on Africa'

Madiha Sebbani Interviewed by Nora Fakim for the BBC World Service - 'Focus on Africa'

Broadcast 23 December 2020

'I wanted to promote both African and Middle Eastern art'

This year has been one of uncertainty and has forced many people to adapt to their changing surroundings. Moroccan artist and curator Madiha Sebbani will be showcasing artworks online for the first time with a mixture of images from Morocco, South Africa and Saudi Arabia.

Based in Cape Town, the online contemporary art gallery known as ESCAP3 Gallery will be exhibiting the artworks entitled 'sacred,' which look at the political and religious aspects of art.

The BBC's Nora Fakim asked Madiha what prompted her to create this exhibition and if the art scene has changed in her home country of Morocco.

Image Credit: Portrait of Madiha Sebbani l Courtesy The Artist & Ismail Nouri

Listen to the Interview by navigating to the BBC World Service - 'Focus on Africa' website here