Adamastor (Maquette)

The sailed figure of Adamastor (2014) explores an internal conflict experienced by South African white masculinity in its lived legacy of both colonial victory and oppression. Titled after the phantom-like guardian of the Cape of Storms, this sculpture captures a stoic figure in his struggle to battle through unseen torrents of water and wind.

Adorned with the jutting sails representative of Jan Van Riebeeck’s ships Dromedaris, Reijger and Goede Hoop, Adamastor suggests the heroic hardship faced by seafarers in their attempts to reach the South African coastline. Beneath this figure’s battle to hold fast in its fight forward there does, however, lie a complex struggle. The sculpture speaks to the unresolved experience of self faced by the colonising body.

Unable to fully reject or celebrate a personal and public heritage steeped in equal measures of triumph and defeat, Adamastor’s physical make-up evokes a state of imperishable resistance and perpetual conflict. This sculpture’s defiant nature in both representation and construction proposes a disjunctive platform in which these very different states of experience, being, and material collide.

Also available in both 60 & 140 cm 

  • Adamastor (Maquette)
  • Adriaan Diedericks
  • 2014
  • Bronze on Granite / Resin
  • Certificate of Authenticity Provided
  • Edition of 12
  • 43 x 28 x 22 cm