Al Eid Farha (Festivity is Happiness)

This work is an interview of the Picasso Guernica painting describing the horrors of war at that time... This work discusses the Guernica with hope and deep faith in the Lord, glory be to Him. This work tells about the joy of Eid, and we call the smaller feast after the end of the month of fasting, and it is called the smallest because after several months, the biggest feast comes after Hajj... On Eid al-Fitr, a state of happiness becomes overwhelming, as everyone awaits the crescent 'moon at the end of the month' after we were waiting. The sound of the breakfast cannon is the sound that is associated with the breakfast of the fasting people, and our souls are associated with it, and when we see the crescent moon then only everyone wears their finest clothes, rich and poor alike, and they gather to do the Eid prayer. Beauty surrounds us at that time from everywhere. Everyone is happy and children run in joy in new clothes and families gather to eat. The first breakfast after the month of fasting, children play, and visits between relatives begin... Sweets are served. Sweets are associated with this holy feast... The smaller feast embodies joy in all its forms. 

+- 15 KG

  • Al Eid Farha (Festivity is Happiness)
  • Ghadah Al Rabee
  • 2019
  • Candy and chocolate packaging, Découpage glue & Resin on MDF board
  • Certificate of Authenticity Provided
  • 189 x 89 x 4 cm