"A Subha is a small plastic object, the idea of the Islamic ring is summed up by counting the number of 'tasbihs' by pressing a large button to record the 'dhikr' and record them in the form of numbers appearing on a screen like that of a calculator and made it capable of memorizing the last number even after turning off the device.

Using the hand and the fingers have become a great way to present and reinforce basic human concepts with simplicity. The Islamic ring is the connection of man to his religious behaviour, and the finger is always used in religious practices.

A permanent question about some modern beliefs how to become sacred so fast, the Islamic ring is a means of communication between a creature and a creator, linking the artwork to the painting of artist Michelangelo is the same as the case of communication between a creature and a creator."

Edition of 3

+- 35 KG

  • Connection
  • Hmoud Al Attawi
  • 2019
  • Various Subha on wood
  • Certificate of Authenticity Provided
  • 114 x 219 x 5 cm
  • ZAR 350,000.00 (incl VAT)