Kanselkleed (Pulpit Banner)

The artist invites the viewer into a dialogue between religion and consumerism. The work resembles a 'Kanselkleed (Pulpit Banner)', that is used in traditional churches to dress the pulpit according to the season in the liturgical year.

The banner is a dark red hanging on a century old wooden rod, red being used during the Easter Weekend in the church, the core season in the Christian year for many adherents. The wood could be a subtle reference to the cross, and to tradition as a whole in the church.

The words on the banner, ‘GELOOF KOOP LIEFDE’ (Faith Purchase Love), are a wordplay on the three theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Love (Geloof, Hoop, Liefde). It is by this wordplay that the artist comments on both society’s worship and value of consumerism, and on religion’s incorporation of a consumerist culture.

The Gold trim amplifies these comments on consumerism, as seen in the ironic use of expensive décor and architecture in many church buildings. These words can also be read as a sentence, GELOOF KOOP LIEFDE (Faith Purchases Love).

Commenting perhaps on the condition to adhere to certain dogma before one is included by the church or even by God.

'Kanselkleed (Pulpit Banner)', was included in the 2018 Sasol New Signatures Finalists Exhibition.

  • Kanselkleed (Pulpit Banner)
  • Bernard Brand
  • 2018
  • Embroidery on velvet
  • Certificate of Authenticity Provided
  • 94 x 85 cm