Marriage of Powers

'Marriage of Powers' is an installation that brings together soccer balls sewn with prayer rugs hanging from the ceiling, in front of a drawing of faceless soldiers stamp a body-less head with their foot.

Hicham Matini comments with this work on the national ardor and passions linked to soccer. While it is true that this game has become over time a symbol of the possibility of social success for the less privileged classes and a means of social cohesion, the artist is no less critical of the euphoria that this sport arouses in our fellow citizens.

The creation of this piece is the result of a reflection around the religious object as political weapon. The artist deplores that political play on the religious one to bring  them together in one question.

The second level of reading of the work is provided by the previous paintings  of the two soldiers with encrypted faces. The image is violent and unequivocal. This allows Hicham Matini comment on a broader spectrum of spectacular imagery; whether it is by football matches broadcast to millions of spectators, or that of wars without names that do not attract less attention.

Each football is 25 cm in diameter and net is sewn to military fabric

  • Marriage of Powers
  • Hicham Matini
  • 2020
  • Prayer carpets, inflated footballs, military fabric with glue and net
  • 120 x 90 cm
  • ZAR 111,860.00 (incl VAT)