me, you, him

Weight: 400G

Arrhioui's graduate work investigates 'Suffering', and his chosen medium, eggshell, signifies fragility but also the artists belief that hope is necessary for the harmony of the self.

"Solidarity at all costs. This intangible law allows ants to accomplish feats. All scientific results recent ones abound in this direction: these insects rely on cooperation, whether to control their environment, to heal or to fight. And when it comes to travel for miles, they are the champions of civil engineering! So the ants don't hesitate to use their body to form a bridge between two branches and allow their fellows to continue on their way.

In the case of potholes, individuals whose size corresponds exactly at the holes encountered fill them in allow the group to maintain its pace, as if each ant was aware of its size. To cross a stream, they form… a raft with their bodies.

And from this work, I wanted to focus on the aspect social of these living entities which are perceived in solidarity between them, in relation to us human beings."

  • me, you, him
  • Mohammed Arrhioui
  • 2018
  • Mixed media mural Installation
  • Certificate of Authenticity Provided
  • 20 x 30 x 20 centimeters
  • EUR 1,000.00