Need for a Weed

“Unwanted, yet flourishing. An unwelcome guest that appears in the harshest of environments placing pressure and strain on an already drained environment. Polygonum aviculare or the commonly known Knotgrass weed acts as a metaphor for the points of pressure we all hit in our lifetimes. It is here where we are united- with none spared. A singular or series of events that send us spiralling down into our own depts finally emerging as our new selves- for better or for worse. We all have unwanted weeds that spring up testing our beliefs, our strength, highlighting our weaknesses or exposing our true selves- and it is only through these pressures that we emerge as survivors, older but wiser. Whether underserved or "part of a bigger plan" these weeds co-exist with us-and all we are left to do is pluck or hang on. The weeds destructive nature is emphasised by the torn paper and the harsh plaster stones cut and formed under pressure while the thread emphasises the living and growing weed.”

  • Need for a Weed
  • Danelle Heenop
  • 2024
  • Paper, ink and Plaster of Paris
  • Signed & Dated by The Artist
  • 67,7 x 33 x 7,5 centimeters
  • ZAR 3,900.00