Perlemoen Dragon (ÁquaAir Elementals Series)

Weight: 69g

"Pearl Eyes that see It All... this Magical Dragon Circles the Spiral of this Ancient Time... Acknowledging the design of Nature with Elegant Structure & Form... 3 Black Pearls rest in the shell. Expanded Wings Fly Free... one side of the face shelled from intrusions... there can be no distraction on this Mission. Inner Strength will set you Free."

Image credit: (Courtesy of The Artist & Real Happy Pictures) 

  • Perlemoen Dragon (ÁquaAir Elementals Series)
  • Veronica Sleigh
  • 2024
  • Found objects, Sea Trees, coral, Perlemoen shells, Pearl beads, copper, lead & pewter solder
  • Certificate of Authenticity Provided
  • 36 x 44 x 19 centimeters
  • ZAR 4,800.00