Quicksand In The Frame Of Love (Asylumism Series)

Edition 1/5 acquired by the Art Bank of South Africa.

"In most black households anything that has a sexual connotation is taboo, and cannot be discussed with children. Sexual conversations among adults often use figures of speech, not direct, nor clear. Sex education does not exist in black households, with a sense that young ones may no longer respect elderly people, or that they may get into sexual activities which may lead to teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Growing up one does not get tough about sex until they discover pornography, which is currently the main source where children find comfort in learning about sex. Like any other substance that gives dopamine, pornography is also addictive, it can be accessed very quickly and easily, and it’s hard to give up because it’s on our devices in our pockets. People can speak about any kind of addiction and find solutions, but not with pornography addiction, it is taboo to even say the word “sex”.

People addicted to pornography often face challenges with their intimate relationships, while most men deal with erectile dysfunction which may affect their mental health as they appear weak to their partners.

The use of horns on the head indicates his position as head of the family, but the horns are placed in an unusual way pointing down which is symbolic of impotence. The body covered in green resembles good health, while the head is covered with a dirty burned cloth that represents the unhealthy mind that has been consuming pornography. The mind becomes toxic to cause a dysfunctioning body, cycling back to the mind to cause depression due to poor results of body performance.” Quicksand In the Frame of Love” means being guzzled by bad habits while they seem like a good practice."

  • Quicksand In The Frame Of Love (Asylumism Series)
  • Neo Theku
  • 2022
  • Digital print on Tecco Matte PM23O paper
  • Certificate of Authenticity Provided
  • Edition of 5
  • Sheet Size: 56 x 56 cm
  • ZAR 15,600.00