Roadside Rivulet After Heavy Rains

"´╗┐This edition is inspired by a Wabi sensibility: the appreciation of transient beauty.

In the exploration of puddles and outdoor experiences with my toddler during the Cape's winter rains, I found myself relishing the abundance of water after such a long period of drought. In remembering the conserving of my use of water only a year before, I found new beauty in the rivulets now filling the pavement edges. 

This edition is a Variable Edition. As the woodblock substrate deteriorates during the printing process, the ink deposit becomes slightly darker. So smaller edition numbers tend to be lighter while larger edition numbers tend to be darker as shown in the two images provided."

  • Roadside Rivulet After Heavy Rains
  • Natasha Norman
  • 2021
  • Wood-based lithographic and woodcut print
  • Certificate of Authenticity Provided
  • Variable Edition of 10
  • Sheet Size: 48 x 64 cm
  • ZAR 5,800.00 (incl VAT)