The word "sacrum", meaning "sacred" in Latin is the large heavy bone at the base of the spine.

The Romans called the bone the "os sacrum," which meant the "holy bone" and the Greeks termed it the "hieron osteon,", the "holy bone".

In Greek, "hieron" meant not only sacred but also a "temple" in the sense that within its bony concavity lay the ovaries and uterus in the female, the sacred organs of procreation.

Seeing the oneness of the human form with all other organic life, the sacrum is represented in this work as the base of a tree.

Seeing the tree as a temple of creation, that which gives and receives life to other beings which imbibe its nourishment in many ways, this work honours the sacred in all living forms, that one may see oneself in the other, and that the other is no longer such, but merely the embodiment on oneself in a perceivably different form.

Care Instructions:

Place on a table or large stand. Plugpoint needed. Light inside work. Heat sensitive, keep away from the direct sunlight. Dust causes colour to fade with time. Clean by rinsing with just cold water. When changing bulb, use a dispersed LED.

  • Sacrum
  • Tanisha Bhana
  • 2020
  • Resin, LED light, pigments & organic matter
  • Certificate of Authenticity Provided
  • 33 x 23 x 34 cm
  • ZAR 11,350.00 (incl VAT)