Created by The Artist exclusively for the ESCAP3 Gallery Group Exhibition 'Night Swimming' (06/03 - 28/04/2023):

"To me, night swimming immediately becomes synonymous with higher consciousness. To take a night swim is to be delirious, giddy and ripe with life. And, of course, naked. No one swims in clothes at night.

Because night time is both a poetic and a silly time, I have attempted to translate a short ode to masculine nudity in four languages:"


‘n traan reeds geval

weet almal, is soutste

kaalbas, staan jy

in ou rugbykouse

het zoutste traan,

weten ik, is uitgelokt

blote billen sta je

in een oude rugby sok.

Dans votre larme

c'est ici que je vis

je pensais, tu te tiens,

seul dans une vieille

chaussette de rugby


a tear, at its saltiest,

is carelessly dropped.

this I think, as you stand,

in just your one rugby sock

  • Skrum
  • Octavia Roodt
  • 2023
  • Pencil on 200GSM Ashrad paper
  • Certificate of Authenticity Provided
  • 29.7 x 23.9 cm
  • ZAR 2,930.00