Still Not Found (Asylumism Series)

Available Framed: ZAR22 000.00

Edition 1/5 acquired by the Art Bank of South Africa.

"A vexatious stage of quarter life crisis, the fear of falling behind when peers seem to get ahead in life. This is still horrifying to young adults in their mid-20s. Already feeling like a failure and putting unnecessary pressure unto own self. Often overflowing with emotion, it becomes difficult to practice the same discipline aiming for a great achievement. Easy to adapt to bad habits and cannot focus due to social media compression leading to social and mental disorder. ‘Still Not Found!’, imprisoned in mental condition that cannot easily be escaped, making it hard to find or know ourselves. The hidden face symbolizes the absence of self-awareness and dignity, with the burned cloth covering the face indicating that the youth’s version is blocked, misdirected and dreams fading into thin air like a cigarette smoke. Illustrated by the silk fabric and the dark setting of the scene, young people are lost and hopeless while still covered with exorbitant material to present their counterfeit wealth and happiness."

  • Still Not Found (Asylumism Series)
  • Neo Theku
  • 2021
  • Digital print on Tecco Matte PM23O paper
  • Certificate of Authenticity Provided
  • Edition of 5
  • Sheet Size: 74 x 54 cm
  • ZAR 19,500.00