When the Earth Sighed

Series of three are also available separately 

Observing the moment when the earth stood still to the human race, when the air was fresh and smog-free, when rivers ran clear from human debris, the time of the Covid-19 pandemic is fitting to explore the common link that humans share with every object and organism.

Synonymous with a distillation process, the natural phenomena of disease serves as an equalising force in an imbalanced ecosystem, as it has done many times before.

The commonality of death in the time of disease is also the possibility of life elsewhere in the same value-chain.

The sacred interconnectedness of all things, be they organic or inanimate, can be captured in the fractal similarities between earthly phenomena of virus, flower and seed; and in the organic transporting structures of root and vessels, water and leaves.

At any stage in the cycle of matter, some things thrive, and some waste away, some are composed together in living form, some inert, some decompose, all transform to become different things at different times. Yet all are the same.

'When the Earth Sighed' was created as part of 'Home is where the HeART is', a UJ Arts & Culture Pandemic Project which commissioned over 25 South African artists to create a body of work in the comfort of their homes during lockdown inspired by UJ Choir’s new album 'When the Earth Stands Still'.

The Pandemic Project: Tanisha Bhana

For more information about 'The Pandemic Project' please navigate to the UJ Arts & Culture website here

  • When the Earth Sighed
  • Tanisha Bhana
  • 2020
  • Warped photographic semi-transparent print with Resin, broken test tubes, seeds & roots, set in front of a dispersed light bulb tube
  • Certificate of Authenticity Provided
  • 50 x 40 x 20 cm
  • ZAR 9,980.00