Mohammed Arrhioui

Born 1995 in Oujda, Morocco

Lives and works in Casablanca, Morocco

Mohammed Arrhioui is a recent honorary graduate from the Casablanca School of Fine Arts in Casablanca, Morocco. His artistic practice is nourished by every-day rituals and acts of life, to question various sociological and psychological themes as well as intense personal reflection. Arrhioui’s graduate body of work is a sincere and deep investigation into suffering and pain in the broader sense. 

Arrhioui completed a residency (Labo resilience), in collaboration with the French Institute at Casablanca in 2020 and has participated in several exhibitions and cultural events in Morocco. He is currently preparing for a Solo Exhibition at GVCC Casablanca Gallery later during 2021.

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1995 -
Nationality: Moroccan
Residence: Casablanca, Morocco