Obaid Al-Safi

Born 1991 in Wadi ad-Dawasir, Saudi Arabia

Lives and works in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Obaid Al Safi graduated with a BCS (Bachelors Computer Science) from the Satam bin Abdulaziz University in 2014. Al Safi continued to teach Computer Science for three years at Al Maarefa Colleges for Medical and Technical Sciences in Ryadh, Saudi Arabia whilst also pursuing a career as a multi-media artist.

Al Safi seamlessly blends his technological knowledge and creative output by experimenting with New Media, such as video and interactive installations. Often his works combine photography, poetry and Arabic literature, which are evident in his work Salam (Peace), which parallels the symbolic importance of bread with the word Salam (Peace). 

Al Safi’s scientific approach to his creative process, investigates the qualities of the unseen or of invisible aspects of life, and aims to trace the various and often profound impacts on the visible environment and physical realities.

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1991 -
Nationality: Saudi Arabian
Residence: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia