Mertesger listens to earth IV (Performance in Tétouan, Morocco 2015)

Re-listening, Reviewing and Speaking Again

This project is based on a subjective approach that tries to open a new perspective on the interactions between the inside and the outside, in a space-time based on two pillars in opposition. The first pillar as the inside representative of the soul while the second as the outside representation, namely the public space. We have entitled them as the following:

•    Re-listening to the inner silence and outer movement.

•    Review how to build the relationship with the other? What happens when we trust the outside world while we are focusing on ourselves in a public space ?

•    To speak again to others and to a public space, in a dialogue which alternates between silence and Chatting.

Madiha Sebbani l Mertesger listens to earth I l 2016 l Performance in Tetouan

The choice of site for this performance was purposefully chosen due to its popularity and the amount of people who passes through this space. It is a crowded central street which could exist in any particular city. The emphasis here is on the impact of the performance as integrated into a space that allows for physical contact with a ‘’stranger soul’’ in a familiar but public space.

  • Mertesger listens to earth IV (Performance in Tétouan, Morocco 2015)
  • Madiha Sebbani
  • 2015
  • HDTV
  • Certificate of Authenticity Provided
  • Edition of 2 + 1 AP
  • 0h 6m 21s