The Goose Tree

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"Before we understood migration, it was once believed that Barnacle Geese grew from Goose Barnacles which attached themselves to trees.

While coming across imagery of the ‘Goose Tree’, I discovered similar medieval imagery of the Peridexion Tree - a tree believed to attract doves and repel dragons. It was often used as an allegory for Christians to not stray too far away from the church (tree), lest they be swallowed by the devil (dragon). In this piece I conflated these two myths to explore how we make sense of, confabulate, and visualise things we don’t understand." - Nina Torr

  • The Goose Tree
  • Nina Torr
  • 2022
  • Digital print on Ilford Fine Textured Silk
  • Editioned
  • Edition of 10
  • Sheet Size: 37 x 24 cm
  • ZAR 2,800.00