Natasha Norman

Born 1982 in Oranjemund, Namibia

Lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa

Natasha Norman completed her Honours (2005) and Masters (2011) degree in Fine Art at the University of Cape Town. She currently works as a part-time lecturer, arts writer and practicing artist. Throughout her art training and career she has consistently been inspired by the medium and technical challenges of print. She trained in traditional Western print methods at the University of Cape Town and subsequently attended residencies in Japan to study the Japanese relief print method, Mokuhanga.

Norman’s mastery of printmaking enables her to work across various print techniques in order to produce work that aims to connect a viewer to an experience of place. This requires a movement of imagination, a transcendence of the self in order to access a poetic visual language to something greater: whether profoundly beautiful, terrifying or comforting. 

In recent works, Norman has taken much inspiration from the Japanese cultural aesthetic 'wabi sabi'. Her study of this term that defies translation has fostered an appreciation for the beauty in transient natural moments and a sense of spiritual well-being centred on imperfection and simplicity. The theme of her work tends toward expressing the momentary and experiential in a pared-down language of mark and form that seeks to evoke a resonant response in the viewer rather than portray a particular event.  

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1982 -
Nationality: South African
Residence: Cape Town, South Africa