Group Exhibition: 'Night Swimming'

March 06, 2023 - April 28, 2023

ESCAP3 Gallery is delighted to present the Group Exhibition: 'Night Swimming' (06 March - 28 April 2023).

Participating Artists Include: Hmoud Al Attawi (Saudi Arabia), Bernard Brand (South Africa), Jean Luc Gossé (Cote d’Ivoire), Daniël Hugo, Natasha Norman & Octavia Roodt (South Africa).

The influence of moon phases on our planet is a scientific fact, yet its considerable influence on our wellbeing has often been underestimated by modern Western society, although keenly observed by our ancestors in various practices such as hunting and horticulture. The Moon is however often associated to folklore, mysticism, mystery, the feminine and the wild. Contrary to the Gregorian calendar which is centred on the movement of the Sun in relation to Earth, the calendars of the East are indeed governed by the Moon in relation to Earth.

Nevertheless, these Circadian rhythms do affect the behaviour of both Mammals & humans, and have been embraced into religious and spiritual practices across our shared existence. Utilising the different effects of the phases of the moon, it is often combined with the ritual practice of manifestation, transmutation and also cold therapy.

It seems a symbiotic relationship exists here between both the physical distress and required mental discipline, which are combined to achieve a desired result. The initial shock reaction of being immersed in cold water is referred to as 'The Flinch' [1] by Julian Smith. The anticipation thereof, overcoming or embracing this moment, supporters of this technique believe that the act improves body circulation, can deepen sleep and reduce inflammation. There is also evidence that cold open water swimming has helped alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety in some people, and that it can stimulate your body’s immune system. There is however risks involved with using this technique, such as the considerable strain enacted on the Cardiac muscle. 

Perhaps by embracing the often neglected moonlight, we can live a more harmonious and full life. 


1. 'The Flynch' by Julian Smith, 2011, The Domino Project Published by Do You Zoom, Inc., ISBN 978-1-936719-22-8

The Viewing Room for this exhibition is now open here

Image Credit: Natasha Norman l 'Midnight (Moonshadow Series)' (Detail) l 2023 l Monotype washi paper collage l 70 x 55 cm