Group Exhibition: 'LAN[d]'

June 19, 2020 - October 25, 2020

ESCAP3 Gallery presents, our Inaugural and on-going group exhibition 'LAN[d]'. The exhibition is online only and runs 19 June - 25 October 2020.

Participating Artists Include: Tanisha Bhana (Johannesburg), Bernard Brand (Pretoria), Daniël Hugo (Cape Town) & Octavia Roodt (Johannesburg)

Confronted with increasing death tolls internationally, a rapid increase in global unemployment and the consequent uncertainty of the future has created an agency for rethinking our Habitual practices as a species on all levels of society as we reflect to find a better alternative to our past norm, the pre-Covid-19 world. Entrepreneurship, critical thinking, collaboration and ethical practice are possible solutions to guide us to emerge from this crisis better than before. Civil action continues to ensure the amendment of international Human Rights legislation which aims to ensure that we share in an inclusive and democratic society. As we reflect on existing crisis before COVID-19 such as the repercussions of industrialization, rapid globalization and the devastating affects this has had on our nature, we also strive to reconnect with our natural environment as we seek to improve if not salvage the planet. 

The exhibition evokes a (understandable) yearning for the outside, a continued introspection concerning identity, belonging and a feeling of community and home through various approaches, be it symbolic, surreal or satirical, through a variety of media. Though the participating artists are from different geographical locations in the vast landscape of South Africa, and are currently physically isolated, they are fortunate enough to be able to continue their work, and remain connected through technology as the world reflects and copes with the many challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has created as well as the social political issues which it has rapidly heightened. Constant adaptation to change has perhaps strengthened our resolve as Africans, as we strive to thrive despite rising humanitarian challenges, global warming and continued destruction of our natural environment. The participating artists selected for this inaugural exhibition often share a common reflection on themes relevant to identity and their own relationship within their environment whilst navigating a young democracy in a Post-Apartheid, Post-Colonialist and Post-Slavery landscape.

Most of the artworks on exhibit are editioned, which allows for a lower price range and greater engagement with both new and existing collectors. All purchases will only be shipped after allowed by Law. New works and artists may be added for the duration of the exhibition.