Octavia Roodt

Born 1995 in Johannesburg, South Africa

Currently living and working in Turnhout, Belgium

Octavia Roodt is interested in drawing spaces and stories in which to play out autobiographical narratives. She completed her Master’s Degree (with distinction) in Visual Art at the University of Pretoria in 2021, whilst also teaching and freelancing as an illustrator. Her work is informed by her extensive journaling practice (since she was 12) as well as her poetry. Her illustrative style marries her design training with a love for the style of the bandes dessinées (also referred to as Franco-Belgian comics). She is especially attracted to the narrative quality of comics, as she depicts her own personal as well as local symbology. 

She has exhibited at the Investec Cape Town Art Fair and is regularly represented at the Turbine Art Fair. Roodt recently attended a Residency at the International City of Comics (la Cité internationale de la bande dessinée et de l'image) in Angoulême, France, and is currently living and working in Belgium.

Image Credit: Bernard Brand ©

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1995 -
Nationality: South African
Residence: Turnhout, Belgium